Mission Statement – The ZFC (Zero Fee Collective) exists to provide greater investor and fund manager alignment.

The ZFC will achieve our Mission Statement by selecting Fund Managers –

  • With a record of performance
  • With a considered percentage of the Fund Managers liquid wealth included in their strategy
  • Adhering to the zero fee philosophy

The ZFC achieves this alignment through a Fund of Funds – Multi Manager structure where Fund Managers are incentivised to optimise their level of Funds Under Management to seek to ensure they perform at a level which delivers outperformance rather than under a traditional fee model which can encourage Fund Managers to grow their funds based on management fees being a profit centre rather than a reflection of costs and administration.

The ZFC seeks to work with Fund Managers who wish to comply with this greater alignment –

  • Zero Management Fee or a low Management Fee which is rebated out of the performance fee.
  • With a traditional management fee structure who are willing to oversee a mandate on behalf of The ZFC which complies with ZFC principles.
  • Managers with proven track records who are Wealth Managers or High Net Worth’s not employing a traditional Managed Fund structure and willing to oversee a mandate in compliance with The ZFC’s principles.

    Vince Lombardi – “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence”

    The ZFC exists to counter current structures which too often allow undesirable outcomes in chasing Funds Under Management to add to management fees rather than aligning with investor interests in seeking and concentrating on performance delivery.

    The ZFC concept is designed to best allow the rapid growth of zero management fee models in what could be broadly considered a “Fund of Funds”, or “Multi-Manager” structure without incurring fees on fees and with the capacity to allocate appropriate mandates to those who choose to operate within this Investor and Fund Management alignment.

    ZFC is designed to be the forerunner of an aligned models industry standard and a destination of first choice for fund management talent with the ability to provide scaling advantages.

    ZFC seeks to provide Environmental; Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) inclusiveness through an ethical fee structure.

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    Charlie Munger – “Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome”